What is No-Made Boards?

No-Made Boards is a handicraft shaping room where we create wooden surfboards, skateboards, handplanes, alaia and powder boards. Custom projects realized with craftsmanship and modern CAD development systems, creating sustainable, design-built and durable boards.

Do you wanna make your own surfboard?


A simple and intuitive kit to help you make your own wooden surfboard. Each DIY WSK contains all pieces necessary to make your surfboard. You don’t need to have experience in wood working or modeling; every kit is designed to be made by anyone who has the space to make it.


Botteghe Digitali: our growth path between innovation and digitization

We started Botteghe Digitali wishing to grow but we didn't expect to experience the most important adventure undertaken with No-Made Boards going more than ever to discovering ourselves. Botteghe Digitali is the first manufacturing…
skate design

Pin log Dancing

Living at the sea is just like this: you are always at the mercy of the weather and, depending on it, you choose you the game of the day. If there is bad weather, it’s hoped that there will be a surfing session, but if there is sun…
wooden longboard

A shirt in the Way

This is the story of a longboard and a fabric that has become a nice shirt and something more. It begins with the grandmother's trunk, one of the real dusty ones, which has been holding old fabrics for over 60 years while they animated…

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