custom surfboard

DIY Wooden Surfboard KIT

Shaping your own wooden surfboard and surfing is a unique emotion. Perhaps the most intimate aspect of surfing, what has changed our lives and we want to share with you. That’s why we made the DIY WOODEN SURFBOARD KIT. A simple and intuitive kit to help you make your own wooden surfboard. Each DIY WSK contains all pieces necessary to make your surfboard. You don’t need to have experience in wood working or modeling; every kit is designed to be made by anyone who has the space to make it. Something is not included, but this is easy to find, and in the instruction manual you will find tutorials to make the tools you need.

DIY WOODEN SURFBOARD project was realized in collaboration with Botteghe Digitali, the first manufacturing experiment 4.0 designed by Banca Ifis Impresa with the scientific supervision of Stefano Micelli of Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice and Giorgio Soffiato, CEO of the Marketing Agency Arena


1) Solid Rail

2) Frames (9 pcs)

3) Top panel

4) Bottom panel

5) Frame blocks

6) Leash plug

7) Fin plug

8) Vent

9) Spatula

10) Glass fabric 165 g

11) Epoxy resin 1.5 kg

12) Glue PU D4

13) Gloves

14) Brushes (N ° 2)

What you need:

Masking tape, CutterClamps (N ° 20) (you can rent or get them by a wood worker), 60x5x1 wooden boards (N ° 18-20) (you can look for woodworking waste or buy them at Brico), Hand plane, Sand Paper 60- 120 – 150-220-320, Water sand paper 320-400-800-1000, Screwdriver with 27 mm tip, Sander – polisher2 tripods or a shaper stand