Everything was born from the Eugenio’s trip in Australia, his obsession for the waves and his need to mold the wood; it was born from the Federico’s engineering knowledge joint to his curiosity for the nautical science; it was born from Federica’s weakness for communication and her wish of experience new colors and materials.

All this elements are attached to the deep bond to the environment and the respect for nature and all this things are to the base of this project: the desire to come back to the origins but taking back the surf culture to our days, setting up in connection all the things that are integral part of their own lives, as surf, snowboard and skateboard, jointly with design, technical innovation, research for materials and eco-sustainability.

This is how No-Made Boards was born, a three guys’ project who are connected together by the desire of experiment and give shape to their ideas and passions.


The blend of our passions for sport and nature brought us in aspontaneous and simply way to challenge us in making wooden surfboards that are eco-friendly, performers and designed.

This is our everyday challenge, in order to give emotions and to create a lasting product that will allow us to surf and live the nature as we love to do.


Eugenio Celli

He’s the mind above No-Made Boards, that has evolved from his desire to marry the passion for wood working with his passion for surfing, skating and travelling. In a search for a surfboard with a minimal environmental impact, with a background in designing and marketing , Eugenio turned his skills to crafting wooden surfboards and build the brand. You can find him almost in the workshop, building some board or making some new experimentation… except when the waves are good!

Federico Celli

Federico is Eugenio´s brother and is the other hand of No-Made Boards. With a backgroud in engeniering he drows and projects custom boards, but you can find him in the workshop covered of dust with a pice of sandpaper in his hand.

Federica Ciarrocchi

Federica is the voice-over of No-Made Boards. She tells our story, manages all communication and you can find her in the laboratory capturing the details of our products with her digital camera or personalizing some boards

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