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Spend 3 days with us in our lab and make your own wooden surfboard, or take part in one of our traveling courses around Italy. Choose the data among those indicated in the form, or write to to request a custom workshop in our lab.

Workshop Description

In 3 days you will make your own wooden surfboard starting from the construction and assembly of the internal structure (frame, rail, nose and tail block, fins plug). In the second day you will close and shape it (cut the outline, shape with planer and sanding) and then you’ll finish the board, positioning fins and making some customization.

At the end of the 3 days your board will be ready to be glassed! During the course we will spend some time to the theoretical aspects of the resin. At the end of the workshop we will provide a glass job for your surfboard and ship it directly to your home.

Who can partecipate

Everyone can participate in this workshop, even those who have no experience in woodworking or in surfboards building. We will provide you with all the tools and materials you need. Just have a great desire to get your hands dirty and create something of your own living a unique experience. Passionate surfers but also people who never surfed; hobbyists who work with wood but also perfect outsiders.

What you will learn

We will be at your complete disposal and will share with you our knowledge. We will guide you step-by-step through the knots of the wood to ensure that every board at the end of the workshop is an excellent surfboard, unique in its kind and buildt to last a lifetime. Together, we will explore the basic concepts of surfboard design, the wood bending, the use of glue, the use of hand tools and the bases of resin.
You can choose to build the shape you prefer among all those that we offer on our site.
At the end of the course we will glass your board and ship it directly to your home, ready to go into the water!

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