Cookies Policy

Use of COOKIES on the site

Cookies are small text files in which data are stored during the tuanavigazione on the internet and can be of different types. only use this type of cookie:

Technical cookies
Cookies of this type are necessary for the proper functioning of certain areas of the site. Cookies in this category include both persistent cookies and session cookies. Without these cookies, the site, or some portions of it may not work properly. Therefore, they are always used, regardless of the user preferences. Cookies in this category are always sent from our domain.

Analytical cookies
Cookies of this type are used to collect information about the site. This type of cookies allows us to gather information anonymous user activity on the site and the way in which they arrived at the site and the pages visited. We use this information for statistical analysis, to improve the site and simplify their use, as well as for monitoring correct operation. Cookies in this category are sent from the site itself or by third-party domains.

Cookies for the integration of third-party functionality
Cookies of this type are used to integrate third-party functionality in the site (for example, integration with social networks or advertising services). Cookies in this category can be sent from the domains of partner sites (or that offer the features on the site) and can use information about your visit to show advertisements that may be of interest.

The browsers are automatically set to accept cookies. We assume that, for browsing on our site, you consent to the placement of our cookieper improve its online experience.

If you prefer not to receive cookies, you can still adjust the Internet browser settings to notify you when a cookie is being proposed to the computer, or so you can delete cookies already stored on your hard drive.

Note that prevents us from placing cookies on your computer during the visit (including essential cookies), or deleting cookies after they are placed, it may affect the functionality of our site and compromising the use efficaceda the user. This applies to all web sites, as well as our once disabled cookies via your browser settings.