Build your own wooden surfboard

What is the DIY Wooden Surfboard Kit?

This Kit contains everything you need to build you own surfboard. Inside you will find all board’s components and the materials you need, including the rocker table and the instruction manual.

What is included in the Kit?

1 - Ribs and frames

2 - Rail strips

3 - Tail block

4 - Paulownia strips

5 - Epoxy resin and D4 glue

6 - Roker Table

7 - Fins plug, leash plug and pressure vent

8 - Fiberglass, squeegee and brushes

9 - Instruction manual

Who can build it and what is needed?

The kit is designed for everybody, you don’t need particular wood working skills or previous experience in surfboards building. The only things you will need are some easily available DIY tools, which you will certainly have in your garage (such as hand saw, clamps, chisel, handplane etc …).