Hi, I’m Eugenio Celli, Italian shaper and surfer, founder of No-Made Boards, and i want to tell you how wooden surfboards are made.
A journey between art and craft that tells the secrets of making a custom surfboard, totally made of wood and made entirely by hand.
The story of a workshop at the foot of the Gran Sasso open to all, where you can learn and build your own wooden surfboard.
A project conceived by me, Eugenio Celli, and Federica Ciarrocchi, directed and filmed by Valerio Di Filippo.

Alessandro Piu, an Italian pro surfer, after two years of lockdown moves away from the world of competitions for a few days to embark on a solitary and introspective journey in search of himself.

An off-road vehicle, a tent and two wooden surfboards accompany him to the discovery of an unspoiled Sardinia.
A project born in the No-Made Boards laboratory, conceived by Eugenio Celli, Alessandro Piu and Gianluca Fortunato.
Directed and filmed by Gianluca Fortunato.

 5’3″ x 17 1/2″ x 2 1/16″

– graphic made with a bamboo fiber fabrik
– engraved phrase with the pyrograph on the rail
– resin tint bottom lamination
– pin lines

We started to create wooden surfboards for the desire and the curiosity to experiment our work in the water.
The research of materials, the study of shape and the contaminations of surf culture have propelled us to create a design product that can be contextualised in various fields.

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