Direction Algarve.
Landed in Lisbon we rented an IndieCamper and it was immediately love at first sight! He was a very faithful travel companion, one of those that everyone would like and he accompanied us in all the stages, first of all Lagos. Atlantic cliffs and beaches, stretched out without borders hypnotize you.

From there we set off again towards Sagres and finally we surfed the first waves.
A cliff overlooking the sea, the strong wind that blows to the Cabo de São Vicente, the “end of the world” at the southwestern end of the Algarve. Although it is not the westernmost point of continental Europe, it has always been the last glimpse of land that sailors from southern Portugal saw before going to the ocean. On top of the 75 meters of cliffs stands one of the most powerful lighthouses in Portugal which houses the Museu dos Faróis, a tribute to the historical importance of Portuguese maritime life. In an inn in the heart of Sagres we discovered the authentic flavors of the place enclosed in the Arroz de Marisco, a typical dish of the Portuguese tradition to which we made a specific request: sem coentro (if you do not like coriander as we, recommend you specify it always)!


From there we climbed the coast to arrive in Sines, a small fishing village. We parked our IndieCamper in the Praia de São Torpes: strong, long, regular … hypnotizing waves! We walked in the narrow streets of the village surrounded by the historic walls of the castle and the fortress of Revelim. The colors, the scents and the air we breathed immediately catapulted us into the heart of Portuguese culture. One of them did it most: an elderly lady, owner of a typical inn in the historic center, who made us feel at home with simple and genuine dishes, like a classic Sunday lunch with grandma.

The next stop is the one that most bewitched us and where we left our hearts: Ericeira. It represents a reference for surfers from all over the world for its cliffs and inlets that allow surfing at all levels. The historic center is enchanting: small white alleys surrounded by the ocean and the constant sound of waves crashing on the coast. We stayed a couple of days because waking up on the Ribeira de Ilha is truly unique and invigorating. Set the waves, close your eyes, listen to the melody that only the ocean can give you, and forget everything.

We really wanted a good reason to get back on the road: a red lighthouse that dominates the highest waves in the world, Nazaré. Unfortunately there was not the perfect condition to be admired at a safe distance, but the show is still breathtaking. This is really the surfing mecca and we couldn’t not go.

Back on board our loyal IndieCamper we are comforted with the waves of Praia de Carcavelos. An expanse of golden sand near Lisbon, characterized by perfect conditions for surfing and bodysurfing. Here we had our last surf session before spending the last day of vacation in Lisboa.

Very narrow alleys, bright colors at every corner and mazes. Alfama is the district of Lisbon that has undoubtedly captured us. We concluded the journey with a smile in the mouth and the desire to return soon.

So, to settle in Portugal immediately we have learned that three words are enough: bom diaobrigado and coentro. The first to give a good morning to all those unknown faces that even at 5 am smile at you making you feel at home; the second is a constant that accompanies you all day and also sounds good; the last one you need to survive coriander because if you don’t like it at least you can say that no, you don’t like it.