wooden longboard

This is the story of a longboard and a fabric that has become a nice shirt and something more.

It all begins with the grandmother’s trunk, one of the real dusty ones, that has been keeping old fabrics for over 60 years, once sold by a small shop in Castelli, a mountain country at the foot of the Gran Sasso.
A vibrant-colored fabric came out, despite 60 years in the trunk; a pure cotton, lightweight, perfect for making a tailored shirt by the trusted seamstress: the grandmother.
But what to do with the clipping? The longboard graphics! We went to the lab taking the first random board to make the first experiment using various glues and resins, with the purpose to understand if it was a good idea. The first board was not really the best… it took some time to improve it but at the end Okumè came out!
Okumé is our lucky skateboard, we take it anywhere because it’s an important part of us: experimenting with new materials and ideas born out of casual encounters.